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About Havelock Island

50 Kms by Sea from Port Blair & 62 Kms via Neil Island

How to Reach:
This island, with beautiful sandy beaches fringed with green canopy of the rain forest beckons every one to enjoy the fun at the azure sea. Vijaynagar beach, 5 Kms. away from the jetty on the eastern side and Elephant beach, 10 Kms. from the jetty (including trekking through the forest) on the north western part of the island are other breathtaking beaches. The Tourism Department organizes Island camping (tented accommodation) during the tourist season at Radha Nagar beach. One can enjoy the stay right on the seashore by hearing the lulls of the solacing sea in this camp. Havelock is connected by daily speed boat services from Port Blair. Dolphin Resort provides comfortable accommodation at Havelock. Private Hotels are also offering excellent accommodation facilities there. Snorkeling and Scuba Diving facilities are offered by Scuba Dive Centre operators seasonally.

Best time to Travel:

Best time to travel to Port Blair would be between Octobers to May. Though there are lots of tourists prefer to come during the off-season.

Best Beaches :


Radhanagar Beach

Radhanagar Beach
Bestowed with the precious award of 'Asia's best beach' by TIME Magazine, Radha Nagar Beach situated 12kms from Havelock's ferry pier is undoubtedly one of the beat beaches of Andaman Islands. Fine white sand, turquoise blue waters and a lot of peace and serenity are the hallmark of this beautiful

Elephant Beach (Hathi Tapu)

Elephant Beach (Hathi Tapu)
Also known as 'Haathi Tapu'; the Hindi version of Elephant Beach. Weird name isn't it? Well, the island derives its name from the walks that the elephants of Havelock have been known to take around this region. Though there is everything same about elephant beach, there are small intricacies that set it apart from others. This place is considered to be the best place for Snorkeling and Diving because of the clear blue conditions

Vijaynagar Beach (Beach No.5)

Vijaynagar Beach (Beach No.5)
Vijaynagar Beach is also one of the very sought after islands on Havelock, situated on the east coast region. Apart from the sparkling waters and white sand, there are many things that set the beach apart. There are rocky sections on the beach which one might occasionally bump into. The beach line is a perfect setting for a quiet beach walk. One very unique thing about the islands is that there are a lot of Mahua trees which grow several feet along the ground before taking up virtual heights. This gives a very distinct look to the shoreline and also a very comfortable shade to the tourists just near the water.

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